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Client Testimonials

Testimonial from Bill Furlong, President of SquareStack, Inc.

“We have been impressed by the great work and professional service of Davis Carter. As an early stage software company, we have needed  assistance across a myriad of objectives. From contract refinement and execution, negotiation with vendors and investors and the subsequent execution, to the basic legal services a company like ours needs. Specifically, Carla is like having another partner on your growing team as she helps navigate the complexity of technology partnerships and contracts. Lastly, we have a fully engaged relationship with their senior partners, not sloughed off to junior staff, that you won’t get with a large firm.”

Testimonial from William Lucas, President of Fred H. Smith LLC.

“Carla Carter is a wonderful attorney. She assisted me when my insurance company did not pay after lightning struck my property, and won. She assisted me when a contractor stopped returning my calls after promising to fix a defective installation, and won. She is currently assisting me defend a frivolous lawsuit against by a distant relative unhappy about her inheritance, and winning. She is great about communicating as the cases progress. She is thorough and detailed. She wins. While it is never fun having to be in lawsuit, it is always nice knowing your attorney is doing a better job than the opposing” attorney.”

Testimonial from Pam Schilling, CEO and Co-Founder, Archer Career

“Carla has been an invaluable advisor and attorney for Archer Career. We are a business based on Intellectual Property as an expert, with a new technology product. Carla has provided a clear understanding of the legal and strategic considerations for us. As a start-up, there are key things to be done legally that are very necessary down the road – many founders do not do this preparation, planning, and creation, which can cause numerous issues later. Carla provides clear and actionable guidance. She listens as well and thinks creatively about approaches to address the needs of our business. I consider Carla and important member of our team and value her counsel on numerous matters, including her expertise in IP.”